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Baronesa de Ulm

The family von Ulm-Erbach produces since generations olive oil in Andalusia. We particularly appreciate their holistic approach, which they have followed since the creation by which they control the whole production process including the marketing and distribution.

Their sustainable and traditional cultivation with decades of experience guarantees our expected quality standards including those of our diverse client base.

Since ancient times, olive oil is well known for its healthy food aspects given its richness of unsaturated acids which help dilute the blood circulation, reduce heart attack risk and reduce the cholesterol levels.  

Baronesa De Ulm offers two distinctive olive oil categories including “Arbequina“ and “Coupage“.

While “Arbequina“ is a so-called pure olive oil with only one olive variety, “Coupage“ is a combination of Arbequina and Picual olives. Their main difference in taste is the more fruity taste of the “Arbequina” oil.

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