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Horseriding tour Extremadura


Iberium’s offering goes beyond our e-commerce platform by organizing exclusive events for our client base to better experience our premium food heritage. Whether you are looking for customized labelling for your party or wedding of wine bottles and other products or want to better experience our products via an on-site event at one of the production farms, we organize your event.

Please contact us directly on to learn more about our below offering:

  • Wine bottle and product labelling for special events
  • On site gourmet trips to meet & experience our suppliers locally
  • Horse riding trip through the Extremadura combined with a visit of Dehesa de Cantillana and its iberico heritage
  • Visit to Cáceres, a UNESCO world heritage site since 1986, and cultural visits to the whole province, by calling the number shown. Extremadura has an extensive and diverse historical and artistic heritage, from prehistoric archaeological sites to the impressive presence of Roman culture and vestiges of Visigoths, Arabs and Jews. Mérida, founded in 25 A.D. and included on the UNESCO world heritage list in 1993, preserves significant Roman remains. Other cities like Cáceres and Trujillo, are noteworthy for their monuments and architecture, due in part to the riches invested by the conquerors of America starting in the 15th century.


Our newsletter of 2/11/2016:

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