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About Us

Iberium is an exclusive platform for selective Spanish premium food products which all enjoy the same criteria: most sought after quality and taste produced and nurtured by family run businesses of Spain and directly sent to your home. 

In a world where mass production food is the new normal in grocery stores with almost no margins for the producers, we would like to offer solely dedicated family run producers a platform to produce sustainably and sell globally at fair prices. Our particular focus lies hereby on Jamon Iberico, Iberian Salt, Olive Oil and Wine – products we have identified as having the strongest heritage in the Spanish gourmet industry.

Our online store offering goes through a thorough selection of producers who we have followed for years and a state of the art online shop platform for direct food delivery to your home at fair prices.

Iberium’s ambition is to enable Spanish family producers of gourmet food to sell online to the ever growing E-grocery client base & address the need for highest quality biological healthy food directly delivered to your home from the producer. Hand made gourmet products on Iberium are exclusive and not available in supermarkets given the limited production volume. 

We work together with the following producers:

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