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Flor de Fornells

After extensive analysis of the Spanish Flor de Sal market, Iberium has decided to focus on Flor de Fornells as it meets all our criteria of superior quality, a raw production process and historic family ownership best which is not available in traditional supermarkets.

The salines of Flor de Fornells are located in the reservoir „La Concepcio“ which is considered an integral natural reserve by the European Union and a well-known bird sanctuary. The farms existence goes back to 1853 and spans over 53 hectares in one of the most beautiful areas of Menorca. Since then, the salt farm has been active as today though had to be temporarily closed in 1984 following the low salt prices. The last harvest in that year showed only 3 out of the 12 salt crystallization ponds in process until the family Mayor took on the effort in 2012 to revamp the farm and make it available on Iberium which is how we know it today.

The local tourism development strives for the recreation of the agricultural production under the project „Reserva de la Concepcio“ for the conservation of its nature, species and cultural heritage which supports Iberium in its mission.


Flora & Fauna

The salines Flor de Fornells provide a unique environment of diverse species, which are also preserved under the world cultural heritage. Whether tamarind, lemons or various fish and microorganisms, the salines also set the base for various migrant birds which come all the way from Africa including ospreys, storks and herons.

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